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Belt Press SPE Type

Papermaking Press

Step 1

The dehydrating action of ‘Endless Belt Press’ is based on two processes:

drainage and compression. Add dehydrating agent(generally, polymer

coagulant) to inflow sludge in the mixer. Or, you can add mixing the

dehydrating agent to the sludge before putting it in the mixer and put

the mixture into the mixer. In the mixer, sludge floc is created at the post appropriate ratio and separated from the separation water. Then, the mixture is put in the feed box of the belt press and spread evenly on the filter cloth.

Step 2

In the gravity dewatering section, separation-water slope line drain is performed and sludge becomes solidified by compression. When the inflowing sludge is low concentration (i.e. high moisture content), a thickener(G.T) is installed to increase the sludge concentration. As a result, the throughput increases and moisture content in dewatering cake decreases as well. The sludge, then, goes through the head box into the gravity-dehydrating-section and gets fitted in between 2 filter clothes. Here, the sludge becomes gradually compressed and more water is drained. When the filter clothes move through perforated rollers, the drainage on the surface, the compression pressure on sludge becomes stronger.

Step 3 


Increased compression pressure is achieved by reduced diameter change in press roller and change in the angle at which the filter clothes are rolled, etc.

Dehydration of Yucheon Endless belt press, which results in dewatering cake of low moisture content and complete plate form is achieved by installing a high-pressure dewatering section of special structure, which compresses sludge at a high (adjustable) pressure. This high pressure is applied by four pressure rollers by using air bellows based on the lever mechanism. Especially, the endless filter clothes, which have more than twice stronger rupture strength and life than the hook connection, enabling low-moisture dewatering by applying constant high pressure. The dewatering cake is then separated by scraper from the filter clothes. And then, the filter clothes are cleaned while returning to the feed box at the start of the belt press. Yucheon Endless Belt Press continuously performs dehydrating process.

Mechanism and Features


Performance Data of SPE Type Belt Press

Papermaking Press Operating Video