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PRODUCTS ㅣ Filter Press

Filter Press

Fully Automatic Filter Press of YUCHEON ENGINEERING is a fully automatic driving system. We could offer equipment optimized for your specific requirements according to your industry characteristics, individual specifications, usage, and etc. such as customized solutions for sludge treatment and sludge dehydration.

Fully Automatic Filter Press and Control Device

•  Select among TF Type, BF Type, and CF Type according to the usage.
•  Hydraulic pump unit compresses, opens, and closes filter press.
•  Slurry pressurized pump presses(4-15kg/cm2) of slurry for solid-liquid separation into the filter press.
•  Compression pump further lowers moisture content of slurry in the press after the solid-liquid separation. (Air compression for lower than

   9kg/cm2 of compression pressure and water compression for over 10kg/cm2)
•  Air compressor/chamber tank cleans the liquid supply hole, compresses air and control the air-operating valve of Air Blow.
•  Cake Discharge system discharges dehydrated results out of filter press using the belt conveyor.
•  Filter cloth cleaning pump: Automatic cleaning system in the filter press cleans filter cloth with high-pressure water to prevent clogging.
•  Automatic control panel for automation of the entire system.

High Efficiency

Higher Performance, Lower Cost !

YUCHEON's Filter Press maintains the stable and continuous dehydration, production and waste management in a wide range of areas such as sewage, water purification, activated sludge, beverage manufacturing factory, mining, mineral, chemistry, and other application areas.
We add decades of expertise to Filter Press and offer a superior product to our competitors with excellent throughput, lowest cost and the lowest level of residual moisture required.

Advantages of Operation

•  Very simple to operate
•  Fully automatic operation
•  Modular design and easy to access and maintain
•  Minimal employee required

•  Saving on final disposal costs
•  Low maintenance costs
•  Reduced labor costs
•  Low energy consumption

Pilot Testing

Sludge test can be done to decide the right model of filter press and expect the best output of water content from all different types of sludge. Please send us your sludge sample if necessary as we offer sludge test service using our pilot machine at out site.




•  Sewage treatment
•  Activated sludge
•  Harbour sludge
•  Sludge in food and beverage manufacturing plant
•  Contaminated soil
•  Dredging
•  Residue from quarries
•  Various industrial sludges
   (Cement, Coal, Mineral, Concentrates, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Nikel,

   Silver, Gold Etc.)

Filter Press Operating Video

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