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PRODUCTS ㅣ Filter Press

​TF Type Fully Automatic Filter Press
Travelling Filter Press

TF Type maintains space between filter plates regularly. Up-down cleaning system of filter cloth removes cake from all plates at the same time. There are two types of TF Type, ‘Single Action Type’ and ‘Double Action Type’ and selection can be made in consideration of throughput and installation space.


•  Fully automatic unmanned driving system with operating hours of 24h/day.
•  1 Cycle Time : 50min to 60min
•  Discharge cakes and clean filter cloths in a short time.
•  Maintains distance between plates consistently and up- down cleaning system of filter cloth discharges all the cake at the same time.
•  Open-structure enables simple and easy maintenance.
•  Low level of water content(solidification) from high pressure (16kg/cm2).
•  Faster discharging to cleaning phase than fixed type Filter press.

   (Number of washing and washing time requirements can be set flexibly depending on the pollution level of filter cloth.)
•  Easy to exchange filter cloth and no need to adjust tension with stretched filter cloth.
•  Relatively long-life cycle of diaphragm. Easy to exchange.
•  The filter cloth under constant tension prevents wrinkles or creases.



Single Action

Basic TF Type. All plates open at the same time and the space between plates are maintained the same. Wide range of application. It can be used for a wide range of application.

Double Action

Double Action Type operates on the same number of chamber as the basic type by dividing left and right so that maximum throughput is achieved in the 'minimum space'.