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PRODUCTS ㅣ Mono Pump

Mono Pump

YUCHEON ENGINEERING Mono Pump(Progressive Cavity Pump) could convey a wide range of substances with gentle, low pulsation and stable pressure. The application range is so broad that it covers from sewage, waste sludge, polymer, and dewatered cakes to other substances including various industrial adhesives, edible pastes (pepper, miso, and anchovy paste), yogurt, and even fish cake. YUCHEON ENGINEERING design could meet the requirement of clients with its accumulated technologies and knowhow.


•  Continuously convey required amount of sludge regardless of fluctuations in pressure and viscosity.
•  Strong suction and conveyance of sludge from even 10m below.
•  Convey required amount of sludge with low pulsation con- trolling motor rotation speed.
•  Convenient part replacement. (Rotor, Stator and etc.)
•  Minimize water leakage by using high quality mechanical seal.
•  Customized material usage for key parts upon client request. (EPDM, STS316L, SKD11)


•  Environment: waste water,

   sewage, dissolved chemicals,

   dewatered cake

•  Industry: adhesive, grease,

   paint, cement, and other sub-

   stances from pharmaceutical

   and cosmetic industries

•  Food: honey, miso paste,

   pepper paste, jam, anchovy

   paste, fish cake, and others

•  Others: highly sticky substances

   from all industries

How It Works

Mono pump is a simple structure of rotating displacement pump and is operated without valve. It transfers the fixed quantity of liquid with high viscosity to the space created by the rotor's rotation in the stator. The more amount of twist there is, the less transferred amount can be and the higher discharge pressure will occur.

Rotor Stage

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