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PRODUCTS ㅣ Mono Pump

Mono Pump Type

Standard of Selection per Each Type

YUCHEON ENGINEERING Mono pump can be customized in the design for use and driving methods according to customers' requirements.

Type of Mono Pump

EH Type
(Regular Type Mono Pump)


•  The surface method of motor.
•  The most general type that connect the

    power of the driving part with belt.
•  The decelerating rate can be controlled

    with the size of pulley.

EL Type
(Direct-Coupled Mono Pump)


•  Motor direct connection type.
•  The method that directly connects the

   power of the driving part.
•  Decelerating by the rates of 5:1, 10:1.
•  The advantage of maintenance due to no

   need of consumable belt.

E4R Type
(Dehydration Cake Transportation Pump)


•  Transporting substances of low liquidity

   cake condition.
•  Transporting non-liquidity substances to

   the long distance pipe with high discharge

•  No valve structure, transporting solid

   matter to the original condition.
•  Can be used on dehydration cake, fruit

   juice, fish scraps and clay.

ES Type
(Pump for Food and Beverage)


•  Easy to maintain and clean due to the

   minimization of assembling and dissembling

•  Fluid can be conveyed in proportion to the

   speed of motor's rotation, and low-pulsed

   soft transportation is possible.
•  It can be applied to media
with low viscosity

   and high viscosity, so it can be used in the

   food and beverage field.


•  Discharge port, Suction casing
   Casting : GC line
   Stainless steel : STS304, STS316
•  Rotor
   Material : STS304, STS316, STS316L, SKD line
   Coating : Hcr(Chromium plating), Q/T(Heat Treatment)
   Stage : 1stage, 2stage, 3stage, 4stage
•  Stator : N.B.R EPDM

•  Drive Method : V.S controller, Geared motor, Inverter motor
•  Shaft seal : Mechanical seal
•  Safety device : Protection against dry running, Flow detector by

•  Different designs to suit general application
•  Pressure control valve
•  Cooling or heating device