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PRODUCTS ㅣ Filter Press

BF Type Fully Automatic Filter Press
Bottom Feeding Filter Press

BF Type filter press boasts 100% cleaning of cake as the slurry feed is located at the bottom. It has enhanced performance of cake discharge as it has strengths of both fixed type and travelling type filter press. It has an extremely simple structure of fixed cloth type. Easy operation from features of TF Type and CF Type. Fully automated system to save energy and manpower.


•  Fully automatic operation.
•  100% cake removal from bottom feeding system.
•  Cake is generated from each space between plates and the chamber is cleaned by filter cloth vibration(or Air).
•  Cleaning process is done one by one space when plates open.
•  Sludge feed is located at the bottom.
•  Low level of water content(solidification) from high pressure (20-25kg/cm2).
•  Injecting water between a plate and diaphragm gives additional pressure on cake, minimizing water content of cake.
•  Automatic cleaning system makes cloth maintenance easier, prevents clogging, and extends cloth life.
•  Open-structure enable simple and easy maintenance.
•  Dehydration efficiency is increased with high efficiency and stable operation.