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Polymer auto-dissolving system

Polymer auto-dissolving system

Conditioned polymer supplied from screw feeder is feeding into Venturi Powder Injector by heater corn which is heated by hot air produced from ring blower. The polymer particles are feeding into Jet-Wet Disperser affixed on upper part of dissolving tank by spray injection feeding method of Venturi Powder Injector. This polymer particles are supplied into dissolving tank after mixed condition of spray injective water and it is dissolve completely by agitation so that it can be achieved continuous automatic operation.


•  Easy operation and maintenance

•  Reduced costs for chemical agents, thanks to perfect dissolution of polymer

•  Minimized installation space by high concentration (0.5%-1.0%) dissolution

•  Low equipment cost and electric power cost

•  Reduced maintenance cost thanks to easy operation and low error rate

•  Reduced labor costs thanks to automated supply and dissolution processes


•  Dewatering equipment in STP

•  Condensation and Sedimentation facility in STP

•  Dewatering facility in industrial WWTP

Polymer auto-dissolving feed system




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